Wednesday, December 12, 2018

mama's office

this year, 
our department joins the firm's annual family fun day

we get to bring our kids back to work
for some fun
and some taste of work!

it started with a magic show

followed by meet-santa!

unlimited dosage of sugar!

and work!

little bb was able to visit the trading floor
while bbb went to my floor to check out mama's work station..

coming back from the trading floor tour
little bb was busy doing cross word puzzle and drawing...

while this little one was trying to write an email

back at home
i asked little bb which part he enjoyed the most
and he said visiting my work station

when i asked him about the trading floor
he looked impressed
and told me the people there were "buying and selling things"
"making phone calls to ask people whether they want to buy things"
"they have many screens"
"one person got 20 trophies!"

and the best part was
"mami, you know what....  i think they are cheating"
"because they buy things for $1 and sell them for $20!"


i am so glad they have this opportunity to come visit the office

now they know what i mean when i said i have to go to work
especially bbb little brother....  who constantly asked if i stay home and not go to work!

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