Monday, December 24, 2018

christmas eve dinner @ the grandparents

festive little corners 
reminded me of the old times ....
.... i used to be the one decorating the house
.... friends used to come to our place for gathering
.... lots of free time (and idle time)

now with my own family
.... i decorate our own house
.... busy busy busy, never a dull moment

now and then
i treasure both

big brother has to do a presentation about family celebrations / traditions right before the christmas break

after discussing, not surprisingly as it is our favorite time of the year,
we decided to do one about christmas dinner @ my parents

we used the above pictures for the presentation
decorated with lots of stickers, cut outs, color pens, etc
big brother wrote about the family members, the food, the games,
and of course, me cutting the turkey each year!

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