Saturday, October 6, 2018

dumpling bao bao

partnered with a group of mommies
to have a booth at the school's thanksgiving carnival

homemade dumplings
freshly made lemonade
siu mai

with signage created by one of the mommies and her girl

it was great fun!
and to our amaze,
the dumplings and siu mai were sold out before we were even half way through the event

at one point,
parents and students were queuing and waiting for our supplies to be replenished
(special thanks to the dad who went to get more siu mai and dumplings)

little brother was our little cashier
collecting tickets from our "customers"
and putting them in the cashier tray

and of course no special treatment for ourselves or our kiddos
we all have to get tickets for the yummy treats!

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