Thursday, August 30, 2018

little surprise by little people for little people

i was told that big brother came home from school earlier enough
to go pick up little brother from school today
(obviously i missed all this while at work)

big brother decided to stay in the car 
while auntie went into the school to pick up little brother


because "i want to give a surprise" to little brother

was little brother happy?

yes of course

he said "gor gor happy, i am happy"


next monday
little brother will have to go to school by himself on the school bus

i am taking the day off to see him getting on the school bus
and picking him up from the bus after school

we kept wondering how would he take this!

big brother took it quite well
just a bit of sobbing (and shock)

think this little one will have a bigger reaction!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

little moments, big memories

day 10 of school
also orientation for parents

have been through this orientation before 
for big brother

the real moment i was looking forward to
was the parent-child play time towards the end

as the teachers signaled us to walk to the common area
to find our child for the group play time,
i wondered how bbb would react seeing me appearing in the campus
(i didn't tell him about today's arrangement)

when our eyes finally met
he didn't look too excited as i thought/hope

he paused for awhile

all the kids were sitting down forming a circle around the 
parachute play tent

he stood up and ran towards me
wrapped his arms around my legs
and wouldn't let go

he was the first one to do this
silly mama
i was very very happy with this

after the short but happy play time
we went home together
to pick up big brother from school bus

these moments
i will cherish and treasure

Sunday, August 26, 2018

sunday in central

walking on the street for cars

daddy: “let’s pretend to be a car going down the street!”

little brother: eyes wide opened, puzzled ... 

his look says “are u sure daddy? This looks like a road for cars”... 
next thing u know, he went, “vroom vvroom vvvrooommmm...”

big brother: couldn’t care less... too busy with his new Geronimo Stilton .... 

and the highlight of the day for bbb 
the tram ride!

he has been asking for it for a loonggg time
and we finally did it today!

as soon as we told him that we would get on a tram after lunch
he wouldn't stop talking about it
with eyes wide opened
and a super excited look
standing and walking tipped toe with excitement!

i did the first tram ride for big brother when he was 
at a younger age than little brother

that first tram ride,
i was carrying him with a baby carrier
it was summer also
hot and humid

the two of us got on the tram
we could feel the summer breeze in our hair
as the tram went by the streets of central

in between the "ding ding ding"
big brother fell asleep on me

it funny and strange at the same time
how it felt like it was yesterday 
and at the same time
like some sweet old memories

Friday, August 24, 2018


work in progress

slow and steady

dying the lace
dying the petals
ironing the petals
adding stamen

Thursday, August 23, 2018

day 8 of school

first day that i couldn't take him to and back from school
due to work 

also the first time that he didn't cry at all!

well done boy!

maybe you were crying just to show mami....
show mami that you would miss mami 
(but not truly) 
to satisfy mami's secret thoughts 
of how much you need mami

i am sure all the mommies out there
are not unfamiliar with this secret thought
no matter how old our children are
we still see them as babies
and secretly want them to want us!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

day 7 of school vs. day 1 of school

day 7 of pre-nursery:
i was able to rush home from work to take bbb to school
i planned to stay inside the school to wait till his end of school,
but when i went into the parents' room, there weren't any parents at all!
hmmm, i guess it's a sign...  things should be fine...
so i left and went for a quick lunch over stack of work
and rush back to school to take him home...

he cried when i had to leave the school
but according to the teacher,
he was fine shortly after....

day 1 of grade 3:
our big boy was so so so super excited to go back to school
that apparently he woke up at 3am in the morning!
couldn't go back to sleep until around 5am
and woke up again early enough..
clothes changed, hair groomed
all ready
or i should say, more than ready for school!

mami and dadi wish you both a great and happy year ahead!

while you will be meeting old friends, making new friends at school
don't forget to leave a spot in your hearts for mami and dadi!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

back to business

fresh from the late night factory
this pair, monotone, with hand-dyed lace
and hand-dyed and ironed fabric flowers

Monday, August 20, 2018

little chefs

japanese cheese tart in the making

and they are not bad!
yum yum!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

sweet 12!

our girl turns 12 today!

as always,
it's a challenge to get all four sitting properly for photos
well anyway..

happy happy birthday our girl

you are truly special and loved
for always, you are our one and only girl!

p.s. look at that sweetest smile on her face!
totally melted!

little mushroom getting his hair cut

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Friday, August 17, 2018

day 4 of school

today is the first day
parents are no longer required to accompany the kids in the classroom

we sat in another classroom
all of us anxiously turned their heads 
whether teachers walked pass the room
thinking whether they would come in 
and call for those parents whose child couldn't settle down

the teacher came in twice
and reported good news!

all the kids were settling quite well
not much crying at all!

as for bbb,
the teacher said he was doing fine 
except towards the end 
when suddenly two drops of tears fell down
but when the teacher tried to comfort him
he stood up and walked around the classroom
i guess he was just fine!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

slowest of slow life

throwback thursday

last week this day

at the sea

having the slowest life

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


throwback wednesday

last week this day

shopping at the local supermarket

so many things to check out and try

easily spent over an hour here

@ miyakojima

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

2nd day of school

...... no school 
because of typhoon signal no.3

you will have to wait till tomorrow
for the fun time at school

heading to the "baby slide"

throwback tuesday

last week this day

still at the sea

Monday, August 13, 2018

his first day of school!

i am probably more excited (with mixed feelings) than he is!

i have read an article which reminds parents
to treasure every small or big moment
and most importantly be in the moment

for it won't be long when the little one 
will be able to fly on their own 
further and further away from us

the article also estimated the number of years 
parents can have the child all to themselves

it was estimated as 3 years

because by 3rd year
they started going to school
this is when it all started
...  being exposed to the real world without parents
...  learning to be independent step by step
...  learning how to interact with others who are not family
...  learning how to make friends

and of course it's even shorter in our city
when pre-nursery starts at around 2 years old

i will remind myself to be "in the moment" with the boys

at the end of the first day (or actually, just one hour)
he looked at me, without me asking,
and said
"i had fun"

of course i was glad he enjoyed his first encounter with school
but i was also surprised with him being able to share his feelings
with me asking or prompting....

and here,
little brother (2018) vs. big brother (2012)
on their first day of school