Friday, June 29, 2018


sunset @ roppongi

kodomo no kuni.... hand in hand

kodomo no kuni..... sibling love

bbb was tired
so little bb carried him

nothing beats seeing them loving and needing each other

kodomo no kuni.... @ the playground

kodomo no kuni.... just walking around

kodomo no kuni.... 2nd stop

moo moo dome 


it seems so much to jump and bounce and fly on them
wish i could join them!
(the signs say they are for 幼児用 and 小学生用 only *cry*!)

kodomo no kuni.... 1st stop

our first stop was the norimono area..

there is quite an interesting collection of "bikes"
different ones requiring different ways to make it move
like there is one which you need to keep stepping on a spring board,
there is another way which you need to keep alternating your steps to move it move...
and with some, i got to ride together with both boys!

very interesting and of course tiring for mami 
(and i think i got my tan at this spot)!

then bbb and i had this "heli" ride above the cycling track....
where we can see big brother from above!

bbb was smart enough to ask me "not flying" when 
he finds me cycling in the "heli" to make it move