Sunday, April 29, 2018

terrible 2 makes its grand entrance!

it's finally here!!!!!!


i swear there must be some sort of a button inside these little bodies
which gets "switched on" no matter what 
when the internal body clock strikes TWO!

the once sweet little boy
someone who keeps saying NO,
who refuses to cooperate,
who likes to put his little hands behind his back
and walks away when he does not get what he want

having enough of all of this
i remembered a mommy friend who 
used to give a name to this terrible two thing,
the "monster".

every time when her little girl (who is now the same age as our big brother)
threw tantrums
the mommy friend would keep her grace and calmness,
and politely asked the "monster" to get out from her girl.

so i tried with bbb...

i call it the "angry monster"
and show him how he can let the "angry monster" out
by doing a big breathe out and making the sound along with it "HUHHHH"
after that,
the happy angel will come back

to take a step further,
i dig out some cupcake holders and pipe cleaner
together, we did our first craft together:


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