Thursday, April 5, 2018

little BIG milestone!

so it's another public holiday today
and thanks to somotu,
who knew about the showing of the pokemon moviei choose you!,
little bb got to watch the movie (his favorite characters of the moment)

and not just that,
he got to watch it with his best friends at school

and on top of that,
he got to watch it without adults!
all by himself with his friends!

the three boys were so happy 
went straight into the cinema without looking back!

after the movie,
the super curious parents asked them tons of questions

we asked them what was the movie about
and how did they say the names of the different pokemon in cantonese...
all they said was,
not a lot of words were spoken in the movie
*LOL x 1*

and we asked them how did they say "i choose you" in cantonese...
did they say "就決定是你了!"
(and to be honest, i find this phrase hilarious)
it turned out, no such saying in cantonese
*LOL x 2*

we also asked them did they really say pokemon in cantonese as "寶可夢"
no, was the answer
again, i would really burst out if they keep saying 可夢 in the movie
*LOL x 3*

and yes, of course we need to ask what happened in the end...
we were first told that all the pokemon died
"wooh!" was our reaction
but obviously, that couldn't be the real ending
we were told that a pokemon with healing powers brought the dead pokemon back to life...
"what was the name of this pokemon?"
hoho, they said
"what hoho?"
yes, they said
"such a strange name!" (of course you will say which pokemon doesn't have a strange name)...
after a few trials, the boys were tired of us asking...
eventually, we learned that its name is HO-OH....
oh well well...
*LOL x 4*

as you can see from the photo above,
little bb has pokemon all over him
pokemon t-shirt
pokemon socks
pokemon color-themed pants and soccer shoes
*LOL x 5*

while he was changing in the morning
i overheard him saying his to himself
"i m going to be all pokemon to see pokemon movie!"
*LOL x 6*

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