Friday, April 13, 2018

1st lesson: "anastasia" rose

after our morning walk, 
we headed off to have our first lesson 
with teacher tanaka (@ marumero mashulo)

the name of the rose we would be making 
is called

it started from color dying, to ironing,
to rubbing the edges with finger tips to make the natural looking curves to each petal,
to ensembling...

we started from 9:30am in the morning
and were still up past 2am in the morning
rubbing and ensembling...

3 roses and 3 flower bulbs 
ready for tomorrow finishing touches...
to turn them into a hairpiece

not easy at all
needs tons of patience

but enjoying every moment of it
this is a dream come true
... to be traveling abroad
doing something i really adore

many many thanks to somotu
for allowing this BIG me-time
and for holding the fort back at home *lol*

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