Sunday, January 28, 2018

THE painter

out of the blue,
he said he wanted to blue

sure thing dear

he took out the long forgotten suitcase of paints and brushes
set them all up


the big question

what to draw and paint?

all the set up
this pokemon thing

and i don't even know what's it name


Saturday, January 27, 2018

totally wicked!

smores waffle + ice cream

Thursday, January 25, 2018

lesage * stars * beads * chanel * no.757

heard about chanel's mademoiselle prive event
tried to register for some of the workshops 
but they were all full

and so it happened i was getting lunch on a weekday
and passed by the lesage workshop at prince's building

not expecting anything
i went in to just take a look and admire the craftmanship

the next thing i knew,
i was told that i could stand by for the next class that would start in half an hour!
and today was the last day for this lesage workshop!

how lucky!

it was only a half hour workshop
but i really enjoyed it
i could totally be sitting there
stitching the whole day away!

really love the color combination of this piece
which is amazing as it is the collaborative effort of 
all those who had attended the workshop

i happened to be the 757th person
and got a certificate for that!

of all the stars,
i contributed to one tiny one

and the best part of this?
there is this tool which i saw on IG
a tool that looks cool 
and seems to be able to make wonders 
while doing embroidery

i asked one of the instructors at the workshop about it
and finally got the answer...

it's called the luneville hook
and of course
how there are courses at lesage!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

cooking and baking

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first time for little bb to make food for bbb
first time for bbb to make food for himself
watching them doing things together....
my heart is so contented
couldn't ask for more
thank you God

nothing can stop him from reading

Saturday, January 20, 2018

2018 winter carnival

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winter carnival, here we come again!

this round, we had the whole gang and friends...

last year, 2017, we weren't able to go

the year before last year, 2016, bbb was still comfortably snugged in my tummy...
(and yes, poor me, i could only watch little bb and somotu having fun)

the year before the year before last year, 2015, little bb had fun loads of fun
(but no, it wasn't 100% fun for me....  there was a bit of heaviness in my chest....
a bit sad and unhappy...)


at those moments, i really really wished that little bb had a sibling to accompany him,
to get on the rides together with him...

especially that swing ride, he was the only one on the swing that night...
i felt so lonely for him...

then 2018,
my dream finally came true

bbb, gift from God, is here with little bb

words couldn't describe how happy and contented i was when i saw the both of them tucked in the little tiny car for the ride....

"cuk cuk" again

we have a new customer today

Sunday, January 14, 2018

"cuk" "cuk"!

it is now becoming an weekend routine:
somotu takes little bb to his classes
i cook with bbb

as soon as he sees me stretching on my bed
he thinks i am ready to get up
and play "cuk cuk" (i.e. cook cook) with him

he points at my glasses and says "ga ses ses"
he points at my slippers and says "cip per"
he leads me to the living room and points at the box with the cooking toys
and says " cuk cuk" 

of course,
i follow his instruction

something new is that he likes to cook and feed his softies.
it's winnie the pooh
as we are listening to the winnie the pooh song

Saturday, January 13, 2018

at the *palace*

for bestie

a project that spans across the year...
involving a few late nights

here it comes,
a tote bag lined with lace
embellished with faux pearls sewn on to the bag one by one
with a crocheted brooch with flowery embroidery

Thursday, January 4, 2018

they are done!

and found a nice home for them....

making them takes a lot of patience
as you can imagine
how many pieces of petal for each bunch...

my next target is to make a bigger bunch
with a bit more complex and richer shades...

my cuppa

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018