Monday, December 31, 2018

hello 2019!

the fireworks after countdown woke the boys up
first, scared
then, excited

they thought it was thunder and came running to us in the living room
finding out it was just fireworks,
they both insisted to stay up and watch till the end

first time for them to stay up on new year's eve/day!

last piece of work of 2018

while the boys and somotu are resting and recovering....
i was busy with finishing this...

last glimpse of 2018 xmas

Saturday, December 29, 2018


comfy in big brother's arms....

Thursday, December 27, 2018

3 vs. 2 + 2

the christmas holidays started out great
ended up in an un-expected way...

right after christmas night
the boys in the house were taken down by influzena
one by one

started out with somotu 
then big brother
then little brother

for the rest of the holidays
we had to stay home

what did we do at home?
the boys slept and slept
daddy slept and slept
when they were a bit better
it was everything about harry porter

little bb has finally started reading the books
and couldn't put them down

as we have all the time...
we let him watch a few of the movies as well....

and he was hooked....

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

boxing day, happy day

finally D day
as soon as they received their first christmas presents
they kept asking whether they could open them right away

a long wait definitely....
the morning of boxing day
big brother was an early bird
more ready than ever 
to open the presents

when he got the green light from me,
he dashed off.......

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

christmas night

dinner with friends

one table for the big people
one table for the little people

the one and only one tiny people
has to share table with the big people until he's done with his food...

christmas afternoon

christmas morning!

merry christmas!!!!

the first thing big brother did once he woke up
was to go check out the christmas presents
left by santa!

and of course,
the second thing was rushed to our room
and asked whether he could open them or not

and, the answer, as with every year is,
absolutely NO!

have to wait till boxing day!

Monday, December 24, 2018

christmas eve

after the christmas dinner @ my parents
big brother went to canton road with somotu
to see and feel the crowd (lol)
(first time ever for little bb to be out so late on christmas eve!)

while me and little brother went back home to 
get ready for santa's arrival tonight!

christmas eve dinner @ the grandparents

festive little corners 
reminded me of the old times ....
.... i used to be the one decorating the house
.... friends used to come to our place for gathering
.... lots of free time (and idle time)

now with my own family
.... i decorate our own house
.... busy busy busy, never a dull moment

now and then
i treasure both

big brother has to do a presentation about family celebrations / traditions right before the christmas break

after discussing, not surprisingly as it is our favorite time of the year,
we decided to do one about christmas dinner @ my parents

we used the above pictures for the presentation
decorated with lots of stickers, cut outs, color pens, etc
big brother wrote about the family members, the food, the games,
and of course, me cutting the turkey each year!

christmas eve

finally got around to do these gingerbread houses
right before christmas day...

no time to make from scratch

Sunday, December 23, 2018

christmas party with my besties

don't be fooled
this is the quiet corner
and the little people's corner

on the other side of the room,
that's where the real party is!

run run run & eat eat eat & play play play

when big brother comes to the rescue....because you fell down....

it's just sweet....

...  and then you are all good again!

where's gingerbread man's eyes????

.... and the boy's corner