Friday, February 9, 2018

too pretty to skip meals

winter sun


snowball fight

should have made a bigger one...
but my hand was freezing
and my fingers were getting numb...

imagining my boys were with me
we would be doing snow ball fight!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

a room with a view

morning is young
and the moon is doing its last dance...

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

good morning whiteness

"cross country skiing"

surrounded by freshness in the air, whiteness and quietness

every morning after breakfast
we had to conquer the icy and cold path to the place where the seminar was held

someone joked
"let's do our cross country skiing again"
during one of those trips to and from the main building of the chateauform

yes i was doing that in my leather loafers
(a pair that i got years ago and still adored....  
*crying* now as they have soaked up too much snow / icy water)
yes i was totally not prepared for this weather
well at least, i didn't bring my heels
otherwise, imagine heels in this snow

"seeing them is like seeing me"

little things he packed for my trip
so that i wouldn't be missing him toooooo much....

this is what he packed for me last time

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

destination arrived

after nearly three hours of driving
we finally arrived at the offsite venue
chateau de behoust

it was supposed to be an hour drive
but because of the snow
it tripled

by the time we arrived,
it was well past 8pm
cold, freezing, jet-lag, hungry

but seeing this beauty
i think i could endure the walk in the snow from the parking lot to the main building

it only gets colder

it was cold enough back at home
it's even colder here, 13 hours away from home

when the plane was about to land,
the pilot said
"and the temperature....
it's cold
0 degree"

and when i got to the city,
it was snowing!

i haven't seen snow for a long while
the frosted leaves and plants were a very pretty sight indeed.

will spend the next few days in paris for work...

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Saturday, February 3, 2018

their movie night

his science project, cool!

got the following from the teacher's weekly update about what the kids learned at school this week:


Later on in the week, students demonstrated their understanding of insulators by designing their own thermos. They had to explain what materials they would use for the inside and outside containers and for the insulators. Students really enjoyed designing that they insisted on making a real thermos at home for a project. This science project is due on Wednesday, February 7th. Students are allowed to bring their thermos to school for sharing starting Monday. If you need to learn how to make a thermos with your child, please watch this Thermos Science Project.

so he showed us his design on the worksheet
i asked him to pick and choose the materials he needed based on his design
we came home to put things into motion

he kept saying to me
"no mami, you don't understand my design"
which is absolutely true
i didn't know what he was trying to do as he was asking me to help him use the cutter
to cut the bottle...

so i had my hands off
and watched him 

he surely did look like he knew exactly what he wanted and what he was doing

and wow!

we are amazed with the end product!!

the cutting
the sizing
everything was just right!

well done with your very first own design!!!

Friday, February 2, 2018

my little CNY tradition

christmas definitely didn't feel like to long ago
next thing you know
chinese new year is round the corner

with so much going on at work and at home,
i barely have the time to plan or get ready for chinese new year

quite last minute kind of thing
i finally settled on how to decorate the chinese red pocket this year

it's going to be the year of the dog
of course
it's the year of brownie and sugar!

and naturally,
the deco is all about B&S!

done with the carving
one step closer to being ready!


Sunday, January 28, 2018

THE painter

out of the blue,
he said he wanted to blue

sure thing dear

he took out the long forgotten suitcase of paints and brushes
set them all up


the big question

what to draw and paint?

all the set up
this pokemon thing

and i don't even know what's it name


Saturday, January 27, 2018

totally wicked!

smores waffle + ice cream