Thursday, March 16, 2017

almost one....

done with most of the folding (the stars and the fan)

what to do with them?

probably something like this

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

the hidden message for mami


it's been awhile since little bb wrote me little notes

tonight, came home after a long day at work
he came running to greet me 
and said he has something for me but i needed to find it he said

and he said i could have up to 10 chances to ask for tips

he first told me it's in my room so i went looking for it
but i didn't find anything

he said it's in the living room 
when i walked over to the sofa 
he said i was getting close to it
but i didn't find anything

he quickly said it's on the other side of the room
as i walked over to the blackboard
again, he said i was getting close
but again, i didn't find anything

i continued to walk to the front door 
and he cheered and said yes yes yes
as you can guess,
i didn't find anything again

after several similar rounds,
i finally found it

it was pieces of paper crumbled together... 

and this is the secret message from him to me 😍 

p.s. His tips were really crappy.. making me going over all the corners in the house


Saturday, March 11, 2017

lost his upper front tooth left

little bb lost his upper front tooth on the left today
this is his fourth one off...

it happened when somotu and i went grocery shopping for the boys

we got a phone call from home

"i loooost my toooth!"
are you ok?
any bleeding?
how did it come off?
"a kid knocked it off!"
what?  who?  what kid?

he meant little brother *LOL*

and so he was playing with little brother
and little brother accidentally looked up 
bumped into little bb's chin and knocked off his tooth


there wasn't really a lot of bleeding...

i still couldn't stop giggling when i think about how he address his brother "a kid"

Friday, March 10, 2017

and here's the baby read-a-thon

while big brother has his big boy read-a-thon
little brother has his baby version
he likes to read with the book upside down *laugh*

an update
little bb's class ended up being the class who read the most hours
during the read-a-thon weeks at school!
yay to a free dress day!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

getting ready .... 3 (more folding)

all for bbb's upcoming 1 year old little gathering
it's about stars

our little star.....

after the paper pom poms

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

getting ready .... 1 (day time)


Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 read-a-thon

the annual read-a-thon at school has started....
and this little man just wouldn't put down his books....

the class who read the most hours at the end of the read-a-thon
will be rewarded with a free dress day....

go go go my little man!

p.s. he looks so big in this picture....
where's my baby??

Sunday, March 5, 2017

bear hospital 2017

we love going to this annual event hosted by playright
this year, we are extremely excited to have a new member to join us


on one side, we have the big boys entertaining themselves

i have forgotten about bringing along a stuffed toy for health check...
luckily when we were about to leave home,
little bb remembered...

this year, his new love is .....  pikachu!

in the previous years, his love was
this in 2014
this in 2015

on the other side, we have our first timer exploring and having fun

and yes, he can stand by leaning over the box!

and checking the heartbeat of the teddies with a stethoscope

and here,
big brother is helping and showing little brother how blood is pumped in and out of the heart....

there was actually no parking space left
so somotu couldn't join us
i took the two boys with me and one stroller...

bbb was very sticky
and wouldn't stay in the stroller

i ended up having have to carry him the whole 2 hours

little bb wanted me to join him play, running, bouncing
and i did while carrying bbb

to confess,
i was beyond tired...
my arms and shoulders felt as if they were broken!

but seeing both little bb and bbb (he laughed so happily when i held him to kick the ball back and forth to little bb) so happy 
i told myself i could do it.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

my night out

last year
my friend and i couldn't go to sandy lam's concert 
i was still in the hospital (after giving birth to bbb)
and my friend needed to stay home for her kids that night

this year
her world tour has a stop at macau

after rounds of (motherhood) struggle
we decided we deserve a night out

it was with a lot of expectation we went to the concert
and ended up with a bit of disappointment

the disappointment is with the venue and the audience

for the amount they are charging, i would expect the sound effect to be better
as for the audience, we have a strong suspicion that their tix were free,
maybe for spending a lumpsum at the casino...  they have no respect for themselves,
for the people around them or for the performer...
they kept talking to each other loudly, talking on the phone, playing with the phone,
getting up to go out and come back for numerous times throughout the concert....
and i got hit by those inflatable sticks a few times *laugh*

and so we have decided
we will not waste our precious time to go to any other concerts held at the same venue again

i am sure we would have enjoyed the one held in hong kong
as the audience would be of higher quality 

so for those who plan to go to any concert held in macau,
i strongly suggest you think twice
or at least be 100% certain that you be surrounded by "quality" audience!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

outing with friends

volunteered to be a parent helper for the school outing to the kadoorie farm

it was a tiring (making sure all the kids in my group is within my sight,
which as one can imagine not one easy task, especially considering the size of the farm)
definitely an enjoyable one.

apart from tagging along, following them up and down, right and left, 
back and forth,
i was also invited to join a few of the games
which i must confess it is my first time of playing them...
back when i was their age, our games were different!

game #1 - bubble gum

this is really just playing tag
but the way how the IT person (i.e. the catcher) is chosen is different from how i did it before

how to chose the chaser?
each player put one foot in, forming a circle, touch it to everyone else, 
one of the player will go around and count each foot by singing the tune
"Bub-ble-gum bub-ble-gum in a dish how man-y piec-es do you wish"
each foot is tapped upon until the tune is done. 
the person with the foot to which the tune ended needs to pick a random number..
e.g. if the person chose 5, then the player who sang the tune has to go round in circle, touching each foot while counting from 1 to 5.  
the person with the foot to which the counting ended will be IT.
and the tagging begins!

can you guess which foot is mine? *smile*


game #2 - coconut crack

All of the kids put our their two fists. One kid goes around tapping the other kids' fists with his/her fist. The one whose fist he/she ends the rhyme on is out (that kid puts that fist behind his back). Then go around again and again until only one fist is left. The one that is left at the end of all the rounds is "It".

and the rhyme is:



game #3 - i call this the SILLY game

believe me, it's really silly once i explained what it is

two players
one of the them will be asking questions
the other will be answering them

and it goes like this:

Kid A:  "what's your name?"
Kid B (or in this case, me, as i was asked to play this game while going back to school from the farm): "aileen"
Kid A: "what is this?" and he/she will point at something, e.g. his/her cheek
Kid B: "cheek"
Kid A: "what is this?", he/she will point at something else, e.g. his/her eyebrow
Kid B: "eyebrow"
Kid A: "what is this?", he/she will point at something else again, e.g. his/her forehead
Kid B: "forehead"
and this questioning and answering will go on and on
Kid A will, all of a sudden, end the game after his/her question has been answered by saying:
"aileen knows nothing!"
Kid A plus all the kids around him/her will laugh hysterically!

i really have no clue why this is so funny
and after being "invited" by a few different kids to play this game,
i decided to play a trick on them.
when they ask me for my name, instead of saying "aileen",
i made up different names and not just different for each game,
but also some really really realllllly llllooooonnnnggggggg and meaningless names
like "pika-pika-pika-chom-chom-chu"
and yes
none of them could remember these names after rounds of questions they raised!



one other game
after rounds of tiring SILLY game (game #3)
i got so tired
that i told them to play the SSH-SsH-SsH game
how this game is played?
the one who didn't make a sound from now till we reach school would win.

and they were all very good at this game!