Wednesday, October 4, 2017

slow life @ 富田林サバーファーム

on the same farm for picking grapes

the weather was so nice
the place was so peaceful and relaxing
lots of trees, swings (made from tires), hammocks in the trees
i could totally see myself grabbing a good cup of coffee, a good book, a large blanket
and read through the day while lying on the grass or the hammock... feeling the gentle breeze with a tint of autumn

slow life, this is what it would be like....

he loves the hammocks, trying each one he came across...

and this!
monkey bars!   so old school!
i don't think we even have these in hk anymore...

brings back fond memories
there used to be one in my primary school...
my friends and i used to play like monkeys during recess....

as soon as little bb saw it,
he dashed over
i wasn't fast enough
he was already inside
before i even reached it,
but then he yelled, 
"mami, lots of spider webs!  i can't come back out!"

of course, he managed to get himself out of the spider web bar!

where is bbb?
how come he is not in any of these photos?
he fell asleep!
too bad he missed out all the fun!

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