Monday, October 2, 2017

second day, third stop

didn't know about this place
if not because of the rain and that we were stuck in the mall

while we were wandering in the mall waiting for the rain to stop
we saw a poster of one of my favorite animals, alpaca

it was indeed odd to find alpaca inside a mall
and there were also
owls, kangaroos, rabbits, hamsters, dogs, etc....
but no idea what it was like inside until we went in....

mixed feelings though
initially i had a bit of joy knowing i could get up front with my alpaca
it turned to be actually sad to see them being kept indoors 
and i think they are kept indoors for most part of the day

we didn't stay long
we shouldn't even have paid knowing what it is like
we have contributed to the prison-like life of these little friends...

this place is called tenpozan anipa, i tried but don't seem to be able to find it's own website
so just sharing the name here for anyone who happened to come across this post...


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