Sunday, October 22, 2017

my first lesson of making fabric flowers

i absolutely adore fabric flowers

while writing this post
i went back in time in this (blog) space to see when did i first put my hands on trying to make them...

and oh dear,
it was over 5 years ago!
april 2012
right before i got very sick that time (with serious outbreak of chicken pox)

since then
i have been making them on and off
learning (and guessing) how to make them be referencing to books in japanese..
dipping linen into glue-based water to harden the fabric,
drawing, tracing and cutting the flower shapes
ironing each cut-out...

wanted so much to learn how to make them properly,
including the color dyes and dying the fabric myself...

and finally this year,
i found a local learning center!!!!

patiently waited for the next available course....

then it happened!

it's absolutely a dream come true!!

in the first lesson,
we learned how to mix colors, hand-dye, iron....
the end product will be a flower garland

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