Thursday, August 3, 2017

we are all in the dark

after dinner tonight
little bb said he has a new game for the four of us

he said we needed to turn off all the lights in the house
and just used the lights of the key chains i got him awhile ago
(*a little accident while i unlocked the key chains with a pair of scissors)

then he wrote on a piece of paper... the scoring system
it took us awhile to actually understand the scoring system (*lol*)

30,000 points if one can find something in blue in the dark
40,000 points if orange
50,000 points if green

he then told us to go to our bedroom to look for these things for scores
in a split second,
he changed his mind,
he said we couldn't go to our bedroom, 
we should go to the changing room...

in another split second,
he changed his mind again,
we needed to go to the living room...

after a few rounds of searching
he asked us to keep shooting at a photo on the wall
because the photo has black......

throughout this whole "game"
we were simply following his instructions... *lol*
including little brother who was giggling all the way through *laugh*

and of course
we didn't keep track of the scores
and he forgot about the scoring in the end *lol*

*on and the little accident
while i was trying to unlock the chains 
i cut my thumb with the scissors
a deep cut
bleeding and .... with big drops along the hall way

seeing the blood and the pain on my face
little bb was almost in tears
and wanted to stop the game
but i insisted to continue
sweet little bb rushed to get a bandage and put it carefully over the cut...

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