Thursday, August 24, 2017

i can do these things...........

i can say "por por" as in grandma

i (think) i understand most of what are said to me,
like when dadi asks me to pass the toy to mami,
i will walk like a penguin around the house to look for mami with the toy in my hand...

i can climb up my highchair swiftly like a money
stand up on it
with my hands up
then scaring mami big time!

i try to buckle up myself when i am on my highchair
or whenever i see buckles and seatbelts

i know where i can find books in the house
and i insist on getting the ones i want to read...

i can roar like a lion
i can fool around like a monkey, making "ee-oo" sounds

i tell dadi i want to watch videos 
then hand him the remote control
and point at the icon on the screen

mami says i am a better eater than big brother
but i am lazier than big brother 
because i don't like to walk around as much
i like being carried by mami
(and mami said her left arm is close to being broken!)

i have 6 teeth on my upper jaws
and another 6 on the lower jaws
and mami has spotted two little shiny white bits bulging out on the lower jaws

the first word spoken was "pzzzzzzzz"
because i wanted all the food mami was eating...
pleassseee mami!

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