Friday, August 25, 2017

first day of school!

school finally starts!

new school year
new campus
new school logo
new adventure!

the new campus is huge
like a maze to us 

the classrooms are spacious
lots of common area

a big section for the primary students to have their lunch
another section for the high school students
both having a tuck shop soon!
(i can already picture the kind of conversation i am going to get into...
"mami,  pleeeasseeee, can i have more allowance to get etc etc etc"
"no, you eat what i pack for you"

we were lucky to meet little bb's homeroom teacher during our campus visit...
he showed us how he has prepared the classroom,
the "farm" theme
and how each little one will have a job....
the reading corner,
the quiet corner,
the 1-1 corner, etc etc

some of the corners....
and all of them look the same 
the only difference is with how each homeroom teacher
has decorated his/her classroom

everything is great
with only one thing i wish they could have...
that is
more outdoor play areas and fresh air...

hope more is to come with phase 2 and 3 in the near future

little bb, our 2nd grader
mami and dadi wish you a great school year ahead
continue to learn, grow, care, respect, give and love

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