Wednesday, August 30, 2017

T 3.01 & 3.02

tummy wrapper version 3 is finally out!

version 2 is only as good as the cold weather lasts
it's too warm for summer

so here comes version 3

T 3.01 for the little man
T 3.02 for the little boy

it's basically a summer blanket that fits around the tummy with velcro..

and the happy users!

Monday, August 28, 2017

sweetest stuff

the same conversation every night

"mami, can we read books tonight?"
of course my dear
"ok, i will go and choose the books now"

the other night,
he came back to the room with a very serious look on his face

"we forgot about two very important books!!"
which ones???? *puzzled*
"these two!"

and he handed me these two books

how sweet are you!!!!

i gave him a zillion kisses before we started reading them......

Sunday, August 27, 2017

another typhoon morning

it was just earlier this week that we had a no.10 typhoon day
just a few days later,
we had a no.8 typhoon day

after some playing..
the boys went for a nap....

big brother brought all his "babies" from his upper bed to little brother's bed...
he placed them side by side nicely,
covered them with the tummy wrapper i made for little brother...
and kissed them one by one 
"sleep tight"
before he lie down next to little brother

such a sweetie...

Saturday, August 26, 2017

beautiful day

can't wait till little brother can ride with us

Friday, August 25, 2017

first day of school!

school finally starts!

new school year
new campus
new school logo
new adventure!

the new campus is huge
like a maze to us 

the classrooms are spacious
lots of common area

a big section for the primary students to have their lunch
another section for the high school students
both having a tuck shop soon!
(i can already picture the kind of conversation i am going to get into...
"mami,  pleeeasseeee, can i have more allowance to get etc etc etc"
"no, you eat what i pack for you"

we were lucky to meet little bb's homeroom teacher during our campus visit...
he showed us how he has prepared the classroom,
the "farm" theme
and how each little one will have a job....
the reading corner,
the quiet corner,
the 1-1 corner, etc etc

some of the corners....
and all of them look the same 
the only difference is with how each homeroom teacher
has decorated his/her classroom

everything is great
with only one thing i wish they could have...
that is
more outdoor play areas and fresh air...

hope more is to come with phase 2 and 3 in the near future

little bb, our 2nd grader
mami and dadi wish you a great school year ahead
continue to learn, grow, care, respect, give and love

Thursday, August 24, 2017

i can do these things...........

i can say "por por" as in grandma

i (think) i understand most of what are said to me,
like when dadi asks me to pass the toy to mami,
i will walk like a penguin around the house to look for mami with the toy in my hand...

i can climb up my highchair swiftly like a money
stand up on it
with my hands up
then scaring mami big time!

i try to buckle up myself when i am on my highchair
or whenever i see buckles and seatbelts

i know where i can find books in the house
and i insist on getting the ones i want to read...

i can roar like a lion
i can fool around like a monkey, making "ee-oo" sounds

i tell dadi i want to watch videos 
then hand him the remote control
and point at the icon on the screen

mami says i am a better eater than big brother
but i am lazier than big brother 
because i don't like to walk around as much
i like being carried by mami
(and mami said her left arm is close to being broken!)

i have 6 teeth on my upper jaws
and another 6 on the lower jaws
and mami has spotted two little shiny white bits bulging out on the lower jaws

the first word spoken was "pzzzzzzzz"
because i wanted all the food mami was eating...
pleassseee mami!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

pikachiu lunch

an unexpected day off due to typhoon no.10

we did some play cooking
and real cooking

for lunch, we made this japanese curry dish
topped with pikachiu-shaped rice

little bb was so thrilled to see the mold kit
and kept cutting the carrots with the shapes to make the pokemon ball, etc

we didn't have any seaweed so
here comes the orange eyes!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

i can say apple!

things that i can say now:

* "gor gor" (as in big brother)
* "gar gar" (as in sugar)
* "car"
* "moon"
* "ba" (daddy thinks i am calling him)
* "apple"
* "" (daddy think i am saying octopus)

things that i can do now:
* walk backwards
* turn round and round
* copy my big brother
* laugh as loud as my big brother
* pat brownie and sugar gently
* pat brownie and sugar not-so-gently (excuse me cuz i'm still learning how to control my hands)
* peel off stickers and stick them everywhere, including the beds of brownie and sugar
* drop things (purposely) into the gap between mami and dadi's bed and the wall
* pull the chairs away from the dining table
* crawl and stand up on the chairs, scaring mami big time!
* eat with a spoon and bowl by myself (although i prefer to use my fingers)
* do whatever dadi asks me to do when i know he is going to let me watch my favorite videos!
* rush to the dining table, pull out the chair, climb up and sit down as soon as the dinner is ready!

my favorite things:
* my smelly pillow (which  used to be mami's pregnancy pillow)
* music videos of twinkle twinkle little star, row row row the boat and snowflakes
* bedtime stories: goodnight moon, lost and found, little children's music book, i love mum with the very hungry caterpilla
* yummy FOOD!

but i still can't say mama~
and mami is not happy...........

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017


his favorite game of the moment
my pregnancy pillow his little pillow

he loves to chew on the corners........
he can't sleep with it *smile*

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

pokemon? pineapple qq mochi ball

nothings beats pokemon now
it's all about pokemon

books, cards, plush toys....

signed him up for this pokemon themed baking class

and yes 
as expected
he kept asking why they weren't in the shape of pokemon....


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

we have the same taste

finally mami is not alone when it comes to food!

this little one loves mami's food 
~ beetroot
~ bell pepper
~ corn
~ quinoa
~ cous cous

finally, mami is not alone eating "unearthly food" <- how somotu sees my favorite kinds of food

here, we are trying strawberry quinoa pops!

not only are they yummy,
they are also funny!

they hop around when i scooped them up with my matching spoon!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Monday, August 7, 2017

throwback/post vacation syndrome ~ what were we doing couple of weeks ago today: not so snail-slow snail ride

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@ hello garden of suzuka circuit amusement park

"sudden" turns and "drops"
how exciting for the blank-faced bbb!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

"my turn!"

bbb's first time in the pool!

all excited getting ready!

a bit puzzled now...
where are we mama???
why the bath tub looks sooooooooooo biggg!?

he wasn't as scared as i thought he would be
no crying
he was just holding onto me quite tightly at the beginning

but after his first "drink" of pool water
he was totally relaxed and instructed me to help me follow big brother around the pool

Saturday, August 5, 2017

pop up barber shop

just for my dad.....
and my first time cutting dad's hair...

wasn't as difficult as i thought
(actually i think i did quite a good job!)

although i love doing this for dad,
i hope i don't have to do this again 
as i pray dad will be able to go out by himself and get his hair trimmed soon!

speedy recovery dad!

splash splash splash

one energizer bunny

1 + multiple energizer bunnies

Thursday, August 3, 2017

we are all in the dark

after dinner tonight
little bb said he has a new game for the four of us

he said we needed to turn off all the lights in the house
and just used the lights of the key chains i got him awhile ago
(*a little accident while i unlocked the key chains with a pair of scissors)

then he wrote on a piece of paper... the scoring system
it took us awhile to actually understand the scoring system (*lol*)

30,000 points if one can find something in blue in the dark
40,000 points if orange
50,000 points if green

he then told us to go to our bedroom to look for these things for scores
in a split second,
he changed his mind,
he said we couldn't go to our bedroom, 
we should go to the changing room...

in another split second,
he changed his mind again,
we needed to go to the living room...

after a few rounds of searching
he asked us to keep shooting at a photo on the wall
because the photo has black......

throughout this whole "game"
we were simply following his instructions... *lol*
including little brother who was giggling all the way through *laugh*

and of course
we didn't keep track of the scores
and he forgot about the scoring in the end *lol*

*on and the little accident
while i was trying to unlock the chains 
i cut my thumb with the scissors
a deep cut
bleeding and .... with big drops along the hall way

seeing the blood and the pain on my face
little bb was almost in tears
and wanted to stop the game
but i insisted to continue
sweet little bb rushed to get a bandage and put it carefully over the cut...