Sunday, July 9, 2017

tree house fun!

it was a super sunny and bright day
in a way lucky (as compared to rain... )
as we spent more than half a day at the tree top cottage

there were a number of activities our group has selected...
the first one was "rafting" in very shallow water *laugh*

despite of shallow water and the fact that he can swim
little bb refused to join..

i tried different ways to persuade and encourage him but failed

it was only when i said to his friends that i would do it with them instead
that he changed his mind...

why he didn't want to do it?
he told him secretly that he didn't want to fall into the water and get wet
i guess he didn't want all the eyes on him as we had to line up for our turn
with everyone in the line watching...

next activity was a hybrid of bingo and scavenger hunt
to be honest, it was quite tiring for the adults
but for the kids,
they have endless energy...

before the highlight of the day,
the kids had fun at the tree house
(hmmm.... i was a bit disappointed.... cuz there was only one tree house
i thought there would be more *laugh*)

anyways, it was more than enough for the kids to go up and down the slide

and finally,
it was THE activity i was looking forward to...
climbing up the tree house 
and coming down by sliding down a pole

given his reluctance to do the rafting
i thought little bb would bail out
but no,
he went straight for it!


after the kids had the rounds of fun,
some parents, including myself, went for it!

(shhhh...  yes it was a tiny little bit scary when i got to the top, looked down
and getting ready for the slide down)

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A post shared by Aileen Is Motu (@aileenmotu) on

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