Saturday, July 8, 2017

surprise you with a surprise cake!

spent another quiet and relaxing afternoon @ sparks & cakes

took this lesson, for obvious reason
i think little bb will be very happy and surprised when he cuts through the cake
with all the candies flowing out!

quite a number of steps to get to the final stage

first bake the chiffon cake from scratch

then make and pipe cocoa meringue sticks

assemble and layer the cake

fill the center with candies

encase the cake with meringue sticks

cover the top with marshmallow

blowtorch the marshmallow to give a slightly rustic feel

the meringue sticks were super yummy
i couldn't stop myself from eating them during the class

brought the cake to my parent's place as desert 

no pictures showing the surprise as i wasn't quick enough to capture the moments!

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