Sunday, July 16, 2017

sharing nostalgic memories of our childhood

on the second day,
we went to the higashiyama zoo and botanical garden.

met a couple of sloths
saw a gang of bats
etc etc

but the highlight was this amusement park...
everything is so vintage looking....

it was like a flashback for us (the parents)
reminding us of the lai chi kok amusement park which has now been closed for more than 20 years...

at first we thought this was a ghost house
as such i didn't think little bb would dare to go in
but peer pressure!

he said yes and didn't even turn his head back ...

after a very quick while,
the kids came out laughing and dizzy

it turned out to be a really short "ride" of illusions / visual effects

the mirror maze...
i felt a bit shameful as i was the last one to figure the way out
all the little people went out like a breeze of wind!

and this slope rider which is celebrating it's 50th birthday!
it's so much fun to travel with friends!

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A post shared by Aileen Is Motu (@aileenmotu) on

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