Wednesday, July 19, 2017

pleasant surprise @ the toyota commemorative museum of industry and technology

we split up today

the older kids went to the nagoya castle in the morning
and the toyota commermorative museum of industry and technology in the afternoon

for the younger one (i.e. bbb), he got to sleep in late and the priviledge to shop with mami!

we regrouped at the museum
i wasn't expecting much and thought we would be able to leave within 30 mins
but no, actually not surprisingly,
there were more than expected for the kids.

the kids just didn't want to leave the kids area called technoland

they got to play with tools showing them some principles and ways how things work....

the most interesting one was the wind tunnel
(hilarious to watch the drama kind and queen getting "blown" away)

next to this one was this giant virtual weaving machine
(again, hilarious to watch human size hamsters running wild in this spinning wheel!)

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