Thursday, July 27, 2017

his dream shop

my sister in law told me that there is a pokemon shop at the airport...
lucky i asked the location of the shop before we headed off for passport and security check
otherwise we would have took off without being able to check out (and drop some money)
before coming home!
it's definitely one of the attractions for little bb!

as it was located in the shopping area outside the check points, here's the map

as soon as we spotted the shop,
little bb rushed in
and couldn't help jumping up and down

seems like he is the most excited one among all the kids *laugh*

as this was our last shopping stop
i was more lenient and was going to get a number of items
but surprisingly
all he wanted was two decks of pokemon cards
he didn't want any of the other things i wanted to get him
(like the backpack, the bag tag, plush, etc etc)
oh well, thank for your saving mami's wallet!

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