Saturday, July 1, 2017

drawing for him & for myself

one of his most treasured book of the moment
is definitely this pokemon handbook
you can tell from the worn out book cover, the worn out edges of the pages,
circles, ticks on the pokemons he like, etc etc

the other day, he asked me to get him the self sticky notes
so that he can mark the pages he likes

this morning,
he started marking page after page...
then he asked me to draw him one of the pokemons
mega charizard X
so that he could color it....

while watching him coloring
my multi-tasking mode was switched on....

i took out my box of nail colors
and started painting my nails....

next thing i knew,
he dropped the coloring of the pokemon
and wanted to color mine....

it further progressed to 
him wanting to color his nails...

so i let him
as soon as he colored one of his nails
he said he didn't like it at all and
he asked me to remove it for him

in the end, i had to help him color the pokemon i drew for him...
i think i enjoyed it more than he did!
coloring is therapy!

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