Friday, July 28, 2017

hidden surprise

parked our cars and headed over to legoland

one minute the kids were in front of us
the next minute they were gone

they found this not-so-obvious slide!

while we were walking down the spiral footbridge
they kids saw a detour half way through 

it is the "entrance" to this slide, which, is quite tall

a second option for getting to the ground level

or slide

which way would you choose?

the kids went for the obvious choice!

throwback/post vacation syndrome ~ what were we doing couple of weeks ago today: getting ready for today's adventure

Thursday, July 27, 2017

his dream shop

my sister in law told me that there is a pokemon shop at the airport...
lucky i asked the location of the shop before we headed off for passport and security check
otherwise we would have took off without being able to check out (and drop some money)
before coming home!
it's definitely one of the attractions for little bb!

as it was located in the shopping area outside the check points, here's the map

as soon as we spotted the shop,
little bb rushed in
and couldn't help jumping up and down

seems like he is the most excited one among all the kids *laugh*

as this was our last shopping stop
i was more lenient and was going to get a number of items
but surprisingly
all he wanted was two decks of pokemon cards
he didn't want any of the other things i wanted to get him
(like the backpack, the bag tag, plush, etc etc)
oh well, thank for your saving mami's wallet!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017

let's go picnic!

what's best to do on a quiet saturday morning?

let's go picnic!

what to bring?

make your own onigiri!!

p.s. this is a cute toy set we got from our recent trip
loving it!

Friday, July 21, 2017

life of a busy bee continues

finally home
glad i have made the decision to take an extra day off

i can continue to enjoy uninterrupted time with the boys...

Thursday, July 20, 2017


although it was loads of fun,
it's time to go home for brownie and sugar....

the spill, live >0<"

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the gang

final stop before heading to the airport...........

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


the big one is here

while the little one is here...
(patiently waiting for mami to finish shopping *lol*)

pleasant surprise @ the toyota commemorative museum of industry and technology

we split up today

the older kids went to the nagoya castle in the morning
and the toyota commermorative museum of industry and technology in the afternoon

for the younger one (i.e. bbb), he got to sleep in late and the priviledge to shop with mami!

we regrouped at the museum
i wasn't expecting much and thought we would be able to leave within 30 mins
but no, actually not surprisingly,
there were more than expected for the kids.

the kids just didn't want to leave the kids area called technoland

they got to play with tools showing them some principles and ways how things work....

the most interesting one was the wind tunnel
(hilarious to watch the drama kind and queen getting "blown" away)

next to this one was this giant virtual weaving machine
(again, hilarious to watch human size hamsters running wild in this spinning wheel!)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

destination arrived.... legoland!

little bb has been talking about / dreaming about legoland ever since
we told him we would be going to nagoya...

from the moment we arrived at nagoya,
he started asking when would we be going there....

today, we finally went...
why a couple of days from the day we arrived...
we figured there would be less people and hence less queues on a weekday...

and so we were quite right

but it was a super sunny and bright day again...
we were melted before we even reached the entrance!

the kids have loads and loads of fun
even though the park isn't too big...

and so did bbb in the duplo "land"!
tiny person vs. larger than life duplo bricks!

here, bbb is looking very serious while being brought up in the middle of the sky
by the observation tower.

this is a must do ride to hide from the heat!
the staff was very kind enough to keep pointing at the air con and the seats right below it
for us to take...

Monday, July 17, 2017

of course there are also things for the tiny people

while the little people were busy riding, driving, swimming...
i went to the hello garden with bbb

little bb had his first time's with "exciting" rides!

first it was the bun bun bee,
we were lifted up and flying in the air, 
likes bees stopping by the flowers to hunt for nectar

next we were carried around by the den den mushi snail around the park...
what appeared to be seemingly slow and stable ride
turned out to have moments of "excitment"!
there were sudden turns and mild drops which made this ride anything but standard (for a tiny person)!

then we circled around in flower wagon which would only go forward when we pull the lever...

last but not the least,
we were "lost" in the tiny people's maze...


racers in the make

this is a must-go attraction if one ever travels to nagoya with kids
to be exact,
and girls who are active!

you can easily spend one full day
the motopia amusement park of suzuka circuit
and still find there are still rides you haven't tried or want a repeat

there are both land and water fun

on the land,
riding "two wheeler" pretending to be a motor cyclist
cruising along the racing track (claimed to be the world's best automobile racing) with a EV kart
driving / controlling an energy driven vehicle

on the water,
controlling a boat with limited energy
the "water park"

we spent a good six hours here
and still haven't gone around the whole park!

it was so much fun!!