Friday, June 9, 2017

pokemon everywhere

little bb's evolution:
sesame street elmo & friends
thomas & friends
mcqueen & friends
avengers (the gang / friends)
pj masks (the friends)

the latest frenzy

pokemon & friends

it's scary
because it's everywhere
and it's with every single kid around us
the boys and even girls

he used to write "i love you mommy" notes
it's all about pokemon

he used my IG account to write something (which of course was not published)

he wrote about pokemon not me in the mother's day note at school

and note how he "wisely" use future tense of all the things that i have yet to do!
and yes, the only thing i have done was to how him how to draw pokemon

grandapa is the only person who could be talked into getting him the pokemon cards

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