Wednesday, June 28, 2017

girls are girls

got these hair clips for bbb
(just for fun as his bangs are so long now)

as soon as i took them out to show bbb,
sugar came nosing around

it's obvious 
(mami knows you too well)

she wants them too

she is a girl who signs herself up for anything that may possibly make her look pretty / prettier
(which girl doesn't anyway...)

so i helped her put on way

and her watery eyes are eagerly waiting for compliments

so of course

"oh look at you!  
you are the most beautiful girl in the world"
"how pretty!"

instant gratification

same with getting with grooming / trimming
when she sees me with a pair of scissors 
getting ready to give brownie a bit of trimming
she will immediately stand next to us
as if she is making sure she is the next in line to get beautificaion...

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