Wednesday, June 28, 2017

a proper meal

took a few days off 
to spend more time with the boys

did struggle a bit as to whether i should 
because i do want more time off towards the end of the year
(my favorite time of the year)

little bb has been asking me 
whether i could bring him to the summer camp
whether i could take him home
whether i could do this and that

and of course
the little one,
i don't really get to spend quality time with him on the weekdays

so i did in the end...

today is the first day off...

played cooking with bbb in the morning
and while he napped
i went out to a nearby cafe for a proper meal

proper meal as in i can finish what i order without any interruption

i seldom get to have one with the boys around

and i had a bagel
how i miss real new york bagels......

this one is not bad
(the ones from schragels are quite good too)

and the one thing that i really miss 
and have a bigggggg craving
is soft pretzels
from auntie anne's... the cinnamon sugar ones... ooohhhhh

i used to get at least 10 of them while they still have a shop in town
why did you leave?
when will you return?

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