Friday, June 30, 2017

our little scientist/mechainst

showcasing some of the little gadgets little bb made during the summer camp!

mini cheerleader

another first for him today

when he woke up from his afternoon nap
took him to pick up big brother from his summer camp

his first time on a mini van!
look how puzzled he looked!

then off to big brother's basketball class!

here's our excited mini cheerleader!

and yes,
it's almost a year since i last sit in big brother's class...

last summer,
i was still on my maternity leave (happily)
and i had all the time i wanted to spend with the two boys

this summer,
in between work and family time,
i get to enjoy the company of the now responsive little one

polka dots, pompoms & toesies

been wanting to make a summer blanket for this little one 
to match with the one i made for big brother...

finally got the chance to finish it last night!

polka dots on one side
plain organic cotton on the other side
with contrasting colors pom poms
and lace monogram for his initial

when i showed it to him this morning
he seemed to be very *pleased* with it
he hugged it and walked around the house with it

and yes
i just can't deal with these toesies!
munch munch!

smoothies time again!


it is said that this combination can help to detox and reduce dark spots + pigmentation 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

first mtr ride

the original plan of the day
was to take bbb with me to pick up big brother from his summer camp
i would take him to have his first mini van ride

but bbb didn't nap in the morning
which meant he wouldn't last good for too long in the afternoon (*lol*)
so instead,
i took him to central right after his lunch.

and instead of having his first mini van ride
he had his first mtr ride!

he was very curious 
and kept walking in the wrong direction
(i.e. not the direction i needed him to go to)
and i had to keep carrying him and putting him back on the right track

a soundless riot

and so
our baby chef
decided to drop all of that... the frying pan, the corn, the chop board, the pot, etc etc
and to do the forbidden....
(i.e. going to the corner where the printer, phone, nespresso machine, etc etc are.....)

i kept sitting on the sofa to see what he's up to today...

1. walked up to sugar...  seemed to be exchanging some mischievous ideas

2.  approached the forbidden corner casually....  while sugar pretended to be looking at a different direction...

3.  succeeded....  so their plan was to kidnap one of the nespresso capsules...

4.  and of course.... sharing the capsule...  

5.  and finally our eyes met....................
and the capsule was rescued before any dent is made............

all this took place
without a single sound
no human being (including little beings) or pet is hurt

all the capsules are now hiding in a secure place

summer salad, variation 1

yellow bell pepper
red bell pepper
cous cous
yuzu vinegar dressing
chia seeds


i meant to add quinoa instead of cous cous
but i couldn't find them 
oh well, cous cous would do...

mercy! baby chef!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

my "girls"

posing for mami

yes i wouldn't hide it
i wanted to have a girl

this is the most i can make out of from what i have

taken right before bbb's playgroup...

girls are girls

got these hair clips for bbb
(just for fun as his bangs are so long now)

as soon as i took them out to show bbb,
sugar came nosing around

it's obvious 
(mami knows you too well)

she wants them too

she is a girl who signs herself up for anything that may possibly make her look pretty / prettier
(which girl doesn't anyway...)

so i helped her put on way

and her watery eyes are eagerly waiting for compliments

so of course

"oh look at you!  
you are the most beautiful girl in the world"
"how pretty!"

instant gratification

same with getting with grooming / trimming
when she sees me with a pair of scissors 
getting ready to give brownie a bit of trimming
she will immediately stand next to us
as if she is making sure she is the next in line to get beautificaion...

look who's cooking!?

the toys
all hand-me-down from big brother...

a proper meal

took a few days off 
to spend more time with the boys

did struggle a bit as to whether i should 
because i do want more time off towards the end of the year
(my favorite time of the year)

little bb has been asking me 
whether i could bring him to the summer camp
whether i could take him home
whether i could do this and that

and of course
the little one,
i don't really get to spend quality time with him on the weekdays

so i did in the end...

today is the first day off...

played cooking with bbb in the morning
and while he napped
i went out to a nearby cafe for a proper meal

proper meal as in i can finish what i order without any interruption

i seldom get to have one with the boys around

and i had a bagel
how i miss real new york bagels......

this one is not bad
(the ones from schragels are quite good too)

and the one thing that i really miss 
and have a bigggggg craving
is soft pretzels
from auntie anne's... the cinnamon sugar ones... ooohhhhh

i used to get at least 10 of them while they still have a shop in town
why did you leave?
when will you return?

Monday, June 26, 2017

pink makes me happy

grapefruit + kiwi + cucumber + chia seeds

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

thanks to big brother again
bbb attended his second birthday party....

this round, he was able to walk around more steadily...
walking while smiling to himself
he was quite sociable
he even made a friend and held hands!

on the other side
big brother was busy with the science workshop
doing experiments and building a car 

Friday, June 23, 2017

good morning!

waking up to this cheeky face

Thursday, June 22, 2017

epic day - the start of summer vacation

at the blink of an eye
we have come to the last day of school

to officially start the summer vacation
we spent the remaining half of the day after school having epic fun

the kids the energizer bunnies went non-stop for 4 hours

if it wasn't because it's time for dinner (for the adults)
i am sure they could go on and on and on and on

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dinner was equally epic......
*lol*  a long table for the kids
1 and a half long table for the parents

the kids were unexpectedly quiet during dinner
reading books,
trading pokemon cards,
probably they were near the end of the battery life


happy summer!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

a truly happy father's day

after almost two months in the hospital
dad is finally back home
just in time for father's day

our homecoming special
scrabble time!

happy father's day!!!

we love you!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

for daddy

i must admit i am a bit jealous
because it seems little bb is more into father's day than mother's day

when i came home from work one night
he was already asleep
and i found a father's day card he made for daddy
(yes, i also got one he made but he made it when daddy asked him;
where as this card, he made it on his own)

and then today,
he made these cookies for daddy

he took extra care with shaping them
and a few of the hearts were super thick too!

and then i said to myself
it's ok
it's not really because he loves daddy more
it's because daddy is not as thoughtful as mami
(mami is always the one who comes up with ideas and things to do,
that's where little bb got all the ideas!)

Friday, June 9, 2017

pokemon everywhere

little bb's evolution:
sesame street elmo & friends
thomas & friends
mcqueen & friends
avengers (the gang / friends)
pj masks (the friends)

the latest frenzy

pokemon & friends

it's scary
because it's everywhere
and it's with every single kid around us
the boys and even girls

he used to write "i love you mommy" notes
it's all about pokemon

he used my IG account to write something (which of course was not published)

he wrote about pokemon not me in the mother's day note at school

and note how he "wisely" use future tense of all the things that i have yet to do!
and yes, the only thing i have done was to how him how to draw pokemon

grandapa is the only person who could be talked into getting him the pokemon cards