Tuesday, May 23, 2017

story telling: greninja

i think i am getting pretty good at coming up with stories within a split second

(it was supposed to be a nightly ritual
but i have been coming home late last week....)
little bb asked me to tell him a story

and these were his instructions:
tell me a story 
with me, alexis, bethanie and lumax...
and greninja
and how greninja evolved to fight the monster...."

at a blink of an eye
i told this story

one fine day
four best friends,
andre, alexis, bethanie, and lumax
spent a lovely afternoon
playing at the green lawn at the new disney hotel.

they were playing frisbee
laughing and giggling

when alexis was supposed to catch the frisbee
he missed it...
and the frisbee flew into a forest behind them.

the forest looked dark....

none of them dared to go in...

they came up with the hamburger game 
to see who would need to go in and get the frisbee back...

so they go
"hamburger hamburger...."
after a few rounds,
bethanie ended being the one....

she took a deep breathe and started walking towards the forest
the other three stepped forward and joined her
they wouldn't bear seeing one of their best friends having to face the scary forest
all by herself...

so together
hand in hand they marched in.

the forest was dark and deep

in the quietness
they suddenly heard a faint sound

it became louder and louder
they could hear
"greninja greninja"

very soon a saw a pokemon ball beside a tree

it was greninja!

andre asked if it wanted to become their pokemon
it said "greninja greninja!" (which means yes yes)

and greninja helped them find their frisbee

just when greninja was waving at the children with the frisbee in its hand
a black shadow snatched the frisbee!

it was a monster!
a marshmallow monster!

the children and greninja tried to take the frisbee back
but marshmallow monster
sent troops of tiny marshmallow monster babies 
which glued themselves onto the children....

seeing the children in danger
greninja evolved into super mega geninja
and took the frisbee back from marshmallow monster

the tiny marshmallow monster babies melted 
and the children were set free

together they went back to the green lawn with their frisbee
and new found friend, greninja.......

the end


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