Saturday, April 22, 2017

then and now........

book #1
book #2
book #3
book #3a
book #4

for no particular reasons
these little book necklaces i made years ago
came back to my mind

those days
when the house was quiet
when things were neat
when minimalism still existed
when nights were long
when energy never ran out
when creativity kept flowing
when the soul felt young

i could spend the whole day and night sitting in my zakka room
admiring my collection of lace
making little things
reading books quietly
no need to tidy up

fast forward 7 years

our world is never the same again

the house is crowded
every corner is packed
it's filled with little voices here and there
nights are short
quality sleep is almost non-existent
resting is a luxury
creativity is a stranger


not a bit of regret

there is a new and real meaning to life

some little bodies i look forward to seeing and hugging when i come home every night

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