Sunday, April 9, 2017

the *ultimate* pokemon card holding

the idea came from a book i bought during my trip to osaka last summer

the book was about embroidery work of children's drawings by their mamas
the drawings are added to handmade bags, totes, bibs, blankets, etc

i never got around to start something similar
until friday night
when i saw one of little bb's drawing in his notebook

it's one of the pokemons...
latios must be its name as written by little bb

it didn't look too complicated
and actually a bit cute 
so i decided to give it a try

the stitching didn't take as long as i thought
the blue parts of the pokemon was obviously which needed the most time
but was also the most interesting part
interesting as in the direction of each stitch 
to ensure the end product will look smooth and natural

i had in mind a zipper pouch, with short handles for ease of carrying around...
inner compartments for different types of card

honestly, i don't really know how these cards work
and what all those symbols and numbers meant...

little bb always mentions EX and energy

so i decided to stitch these letters to each of the compartments....

testing testing
the cards fit!

originally i stitched two EX
but little bb told me about MEGA
so i undo one of the EX and did MEGA

instead of the yellow zipper i chose
he wanted blue as he said
"it will match with the color of latios!"
no problem, the end user rules!

it is the first time for me to add handles to a zipper pouch...
wasn't sure if it would turn out fine

and it did!  hooray!

when it was done,
little bb couldn't wait to get all his beloved cards from his little tin box full of treasures
and put them all in the freshly baked zipper bag!

it doesn't really resemble the real latios
but close enough to little bb's drawing

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