Thursday, April 27, 2017

the 12th (and last) cooking class

so i took my last cooking class before expiration date
(the 11th one was a miss - i have totally forgotten about it after signing up)

this last one was almost a year apart from the very first one

almost a year ago, it was when bbb arrived
and i had the luxury of time to do things like taking cooking class
during my maternity leave

as i travel to the class,
flashback of the early days and months of bbb came back to me
and of course,
i missed those days when i have all the time i wanted 

and so what's cooking here?
it's about japanese breakfast bento


and as i am writing about this
i realized i haven't had a chance to cook for my parents
after taking these cooking classes...

i should plan for one...

speedy recovery dad.


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