Friday, April 21, 2017

story telling - cont'd

and yes,
our little story telling session in bed before lights are off

we have moved on from chapter 8
we are at chapter 20

the key characters remains: himself and little brother
new characters: his latest "girl" friend (yes, someone is a bit sour)

the place:  continues to be his school

must-have elements:
@ pokemon
@ bad guys or monsters
@ chocolate

the stories are made up randomly
whatever comes to my mind...


usually they will start off a little bit scary
with an unexpected twist of silliness

in the recent chapters,
i made up silly names for the monsters
and that made little bb laughed like crazy!

a pig-like monster called oink-ki-oink-ki-blah-blah

a humongous chocolate monster called waalaa-choco-choco-noon-noon

an angry looking monster called chick-ku-chick-ku-chump-chump

i know
i know
they are pretty lame


funny and entertaining enough for little bb

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