Friday, April 14, 2017

practiced walking & bubbles time

it's the start of the easter long weekend
no special plans today

did a little bit of shopping for myself while the three boys were ordering at the restaurant

after lunch, 
we went to the western kowloon promenade for cycling and a walk

a couple of first's for bbb

~ first time practicing walking outdoors
~ first time playing with bubbles

i am suspecting that this little one will take longer to be able to walk by himself
he seems to be kinda lazy!
after a few rounds of going back and forth between little bb and myself
he wanted to just sit down and crawl 
lean on me

anxious big brother trying to make little brother walk more
so funny seeing the two of them
bbb's shirt being pulled all the way up by big brother

bubbles time!
bbb was unexpectedly not too interested.....
he mostly just stared at them
didn't smile or laugh like his big brother did when he saw bubbles for the first time in his life...

somotu said probably because he figured out that he was strapped to the stroller
and wouldn't be able to catch the bubbles anyway
so no need to get too excited...
if really so,
i really think he has a "lazy" attitude 

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