Tuesday, April 4, 2017

our first ever dumpling making night

a public holiday today

little bb and somotu when cycling with friends in the morning
had lunch altogether
no special plan thereafter
which means plenty of time to ourselves

so i suggested to give dumpling making a try....

went to the wet market to get veggies
and the dumpling wrappers

we usually go the the supermarkets in shopping malls to get food
it's quite a different experience to shop in the wet market
it was just the two of us
somotu and myself
and, strangely, it felt like a date as we strolled down the little streets

little bb was very eager to help...
he did quite a good job with the chopping

and the wrapping.....

these were wrapped by me...  
i love ruffles... the more the prettier *smile*
(vs. the simplier ones by somotu and little bb... not pictured here 
as they were already in the boiling water)

we ended up wrapped 60 dumplings!
didn't think we would use all the wrappers but we did...
we were all so full and content......

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