Saturday, April 8, 2017

embroidery 102

it's almost 1.5 years ago
when i gave embroidery a "serious" attempt

this morning,
i picked up the tools
and started another project

the idea came from a book i got during my last trip to osaka
the book was about embroidery projects by mommies...
the mommies collected drawings of their little ones,
stitch by stitch,
these mommies turned the drawings into embroidery
on bags, totes, bibs, etc....

the other day,
i spotted this drawing of one of the pokemons by little bb
and decided to give it a try

my plan is to make a small zipper bag with handles 
for all the pokemon cards little bb has collected so far

wish me luck!

and yes,
that little foot
that cutest little foot
smelly little foot
is bbb's

it was a quite saturday morning

somotu took little bb to his swimming class

i started the project in bed while bbb was sleeping next to time
as i was sewing, he put his little foot over my legs....

i couldn't help but captured this moment with the phone......

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