Monday, April 17, 2017

choose kind

this is, without doubt, one of my favorite books so far....


i couldn't put down the book once i started reading it
it's genuine, lively, real, funny and sad at the same time

reading it as a mom,
it brings tears to me

i think if i were to read it when i was young,
it would bring courage and loyalty to me

the other day, i was in the bookstore with little bb
and saw this picture version for younger children:  we're all wonders
got it for little bb

we finished dinner earlier than usual
so i took my collection of the wonder series and
introduced them to both boys

i simplified the story for them
and most importantly,
the key message:


above all things

i am sure they won't be able to get all of what i said
but at least it is a good start
and we shall keep going back to these books 
and talk about what we can learn from the characters and happenings

both boys seem to be quite interested....

little bb was interested at this one:  365 days of wonder
which contains a precept for each day of the year

and bbb is interested at the original one....
he keeps flipping through the pages
as if he is really reading it

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