Thursday, April 6, 2017

a day at wonderland.... the legend of hk toys

the kids spent a wonderful and interesting day at the museum of history
and i tagged along as a parent volunteer

we are lucky this year 
as it is hosting a special exhibition
about toys made in hong kong ... some dating back to the last century
read more about the exhibition here and here

the kids, of course, are amazed and excited seeing so many toys
some looking familiar (e.g. thomas the engine)
and new 

new as in they haven't seen before but not necessarily brand new 
e.g. pac-man, paper dolls, old-school wind-up robots....


for some reason, i think lego nowadays is too "polished" and "smooth"
the bricks now are in particular shapes made for that particular part
i missed the bricks from the old days....  
those which we can use creatively to build different things and not just that particular part

the kids also spent time in the other parts of the museum
about hong kong and its history

some sections of the museum are darker
and some sections, like the one above, features "strange" looking creatures
the kids were a bit taken back and some were scared

as seen above, little bb was trying to look after the two girls who were scared....
(one of the girls were so scared that she put her arms around little bb really really tight)

interesting, last summer, 
when i took little bb to the museum,
he was scared by the very same sections

in fact
he was so scared that i needed to pick him up and carried him around!
talking about a five year old needing mami to carry him around like a koala bear!

i can't let him see this as he will get mad at me for telling people about this!

quietly doing their worksheet.....

after the field trip,
we joined some of the parents and kids for afternoon tea....
and wrapped up the happy (but tiring for mami) day

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