Sunday, April 30, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

cycling & iced treats

what a lucky day for this little lucky guy

he got offered an ice pop and an iced pineapple slice!

this was bbb's first ever taste of something iced
and we were all anxious of his first reaction

and this was it!
one of his funniest expression!

when we thought he didn't want seconds,
he grunted at us for being too slow in offering him more!

big brother was busy interchanging between his bike and scooter

p.s. this little guy can be really noisy and grumpy when we dine out 
to keep him quiet, we must feed him non-stop
"keep the food coming!"

Friday, April 28, 2017

first attempt at calligraphy

took my first ever class at calligraphy
together with one of little bb schoolmate's mom tonight

it was surprisingly therapeutic 

with everything is that going on,
i am stressed, low and extremely exhausted
i went in the class feeling all these

the class was nearly over 3 hours

at the end of the class,
not only was i not a single bit tired (not even my hands)
i was actually feeling 10 pounds lighter

i can see myself doing this on and on............

the next morning,
little bb asked how was my "writing" class
and he wondered why i wanted to learn how to write 
when he thought i knew already

so i told him it's about writing "nicely and beautifully"

he insisted i let him try writing with the pen and ink.........

Thursday, April 27, 2017

it's all about pokemon

a few saturdays ago, it was the parent-teacher interview day at school

as usual, we met with all the teachers to hear more about little bb's progress

on one of the boards in the hallway,
we found this letter...

the children were asked to write a letter to themselves 
when they are much much older

and the above was what little bb wrote to his future self

not surprising,
it's all about pokemon *lol*

back at home,
he is very much into drawing the pokemons
and making the pokemon cards himself...

what's more?
he is asking both somotu and myself to draw him more pokemons
so that he can cut them out and staple them together

the 12th (and last) cooking class

so i took my last cooking class before expiration date
(the 11th one was a miss - i have totally forgotten about it after signing up)

this last one was almost a year apart from the very first one

almost a year ago, it was when bbb arrived
and i had the luxury of time to do things like taking cooking class
during my maternity leave

as i travel to the class,
flashback of the early days and months of bbb came back to me
and of course,
i missed those days when i have all the time i wanted 

and so what's cooking here?
it's about japanese breakfast bento


and as i am writing about this
i realized i haven't had a chance to cook for my parents
after taking these cooking classes...

i should plan for one...

speedy recovery dad.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

everything is going to be just fine

it was just another day
when things didn't seem right
never-ending list of tasks to do in the office
last minute urgent requests
stuck in the office
not being able to leave early enough to spend time with the boys

all these faded
when i got the news that
my dad has to be admitted to the hospital
just when i stepped my foot into the house after work

i know we have all heard and said enough times 
of how we need to cherish every moment
cherish those around us

but it didn't feel as real
as when something happened to
someone so dear to the heart

we can't wait to have our usual lunch with you
your grandsons can't wait to have you take them to toy'r'us

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

he can't wait for summer to come

he can't wait to put on short sleeves and short pants....

the windbreaker got its way onto this stubborn little man's body
just because it has little thunder bolts all over it....
which made this little man thinks he is FLASH

and yes 
this little man using the custom made tote bag *laugh*

i can't

i just simply can't 
when i see these little toes..........

i want to bite them.........


 photo sandwiched-small.gif


mami tried to interpret his different states of mind in this sandwich-situation:

1.  blank faced
2.  unsure
3.  confused
4.  anxious
5.  scared
6.  annoyed
7.  calling for help!!!!!!!!


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

then and now........

book #1
book #2
book #3
book #3a
book #4

for no particular reasons
these little book necklaces i made years ago
came back to my mind

those days
when the house was quiet
when things were neat
when minimalism still existed
when nights were long
when energy never ran out
when creativity kept flowing
when the soul felt young

i could spend the whole day and night sitting in my zakka room
admiring my collection of lace
making little things
reading books quietly
no need to tidy up

fast forward 7 years

our world is never the same again

the house is crowded
every corner is packed
it's filled with little voices here and there
nights are short
quality sleep is almost non-existent
resting is a luxury
creativity is a stranger


not a bit of regret

there is a new and real meaning to life

some little bodies i look forward to seeing and hugging when i come home every night

Friday, April 21, 2017

story telling - cont'd

and yes,
our little story telling session in bed before lights are off

we have moved on from chapter 8
we are at chapter 20

the key characters remains: himself and little brother
new characters: his latest "girl" friend (yes, someone is a bit sour)

the place:  continues to be his school

must-have elements:
@ pokemon
@ bad guys or monsters
@ chocolate

the stories are made up randomly
whatever comes to my mind...


usually they will start off a little bit scary
with an unexpected twist of silliness

in the recent chapters,
i made up silly names for the monsters
and that made little bb laughed like crazy!

a pig-like monster called oink-ki-oink-ki-blah-blah

a humongous chocolate monster called waalaa-choco-choco-noon-noon

an angry looking monster called chick-ku-chick-ku-chump-chump

i know
i know
they are pretty lame


funny and entertaining enough for little bb

Thursday, April 20, 2017

be mine

love love love love love 
you two 


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


love t-strap baby shoes
i got a number of them for little bb

he has out grown all of them

it is bbb's turn

Monday, April 17, 2017

choose kind

this is, without doubt, one of my favorite books so far....


i couldn't put down the book once i started reading it
it's genuine, lively, real, funny and sad at the same time

reading it as a mom,
it brings tears to me

i think if i were to read it when i was young,
it would bring courage and loyalty to me

the other day, i was in the bookstore with little bb
and saw this picture version for younger children:  we're all wonders
got it for little bb

we finished dinner earlier than usual
so i took my collection of the wonder series and
introduced them to both boys

i simplified the story for them
and most importantly,
the key message:


above all things

i am sure they won't be able to get all of what i said
but at least it is a good start
and we shall keep going back to these books 
and talk about what we can learn from the characters and happenings

both boys seem to be quite interested....

little bb was interested at this one:  365 days of wonder
which contains a precept for each day of the year

and bbb is interested at the original one....
he keeps flipping through the pages
as if he is really reading it

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

first "swim" of the year

went to ma wan beach to do the easter egg hunt 

it turned out to be little bb's first "swim" of the year
he slipped while carrying water back and forth from the beach
to build their sand castle

he was all wet from head to toe 
with the only set of clothes he had

somotu was able to get a bath towel from a nearby supermarket
i think he wouldn't be allowed to get on the car
as he was dripping!

as for the egg hunt...
yes, the kids got lots and lots of skittles, snickers and sugus

Friday, April 14, 2017

practiced walking & bubbles time

it's the start of the easter long weekend
no special plans today

did a little bit of shopping for myself while the three boys were ordering at the restaurant

after lunch, 
we went to the western kowloon promenade for cycling and a walk

a couple of first's for bbb

~ first time practicing walking outdoors
~ first time playing with bubbles

i am suspecting that this little one will take longer to be able to walk by himself
he seems to be kinda lazy!
after a few rounds of going back and forth between little bb and myself
he wanted to just sit down and crawl 
lean on me

anxious big brother trying to make little brother walk more
so funny seeing the two of them
bbb's shirt being pulled all the way up by big brother

bubbles time!
bbb was unexpectedly not too interested.....
he mostly just stared at them
didn't smile or laugh like his big brother did when he saw bubbles for the first time in his life...

somotu said probably because he figured out that he was strapped to the stroller
and wouldn't be able to catch the bubbles anyway
so no need to get too excited...
if really so,
i really think he has a "lazy" attitude 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

our gang & little milestones

when somotu leaves home to run errands............

all our babies at the door to the dinning room...  trying to get out to the front door
(not pictured here but was present is little bb)


little milestones of bbb:

~ he finally seems to be able to put up his hand, open and close them as if he is doing bye bye
and he seems to be able to make the "bye bye" sound while opening and closing his hands

~ he is copying things we do and he loves that...  like when big brother coughs, he makes the coughing sound; when we laugh like crazy and tilt our heads backward, he does the same;  when i stare at him as if i am angry, he does the same... *lol*


little bb napped with bbb this afternoon......
when little bb woke up, 
he said to us
"little brother's hair is really really smelly!"
we know...
he is really one sweat bomb!

*vintage* little twin stars

i don't like the designs nowadays 
they lack something....
perhaps my mind has already determined what 
little twin stars should look (or smell) like

these look vintage don't they?
they aren't
got these from a friend 
who got them from taipei

they evoked nostalgic memories of childhood 

especially the mini notebook on the left...
how the two set on the bench 
just showing the side of their faces...
and the lace-y border around the frame.....

i can almost smell my childhood

some of his favorite books these days

captain underpants
mighty robots
captain awesome
pokemon go

i find some of them very funny and creative....

and this book: kung pow chicken......
oh my
i am giggling to myself while reading it

egg drop as this superhero's sidekick?
new yolk city??!
big egg?!!!
rockefeather center?!
statue of libirdy?!
central peck?!


no wonder little bb won't put these books down.......

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

little milestones: going out @ night

last friday night,
little bb was invited by his school friend to watch a performance 
(the happy prince)

this is the first time ever he went out at night without us

after his regular basketball class,
he was picked up by his friend and his mommy...

had dinner with their other friends
and went for the show...

back at home,
the house was very quiet....
yes, some peacefulness for us *laugh*
but yet, something is missing...

i usually mute my phone
but that night 
i switched the sound on
just in case

9:00 pm..
9:30 pm.....
10:00 pm....

my phone didn't ring

somotu said to me, maybe you should whatsapp them

of course they were alright
just that we were too anxious *laugh*

the mommy called and asked if they could take the ferry 
as the boys would really love to...

of course!

next thing i know,
i got pictures of the boys having drinks while waiting for the ferry at the pier

somotu drove over to pick them up shortly

after a long night (for us, definitely not for him)
he was home....
extremely tired

he was so sleepy that i needed to help him shower

while he was changing into his pyjamas
he said
"i really had a good time with him tonight
i am really very happy"

within seconds after he got changed,
he was sound asleep...