Wednesday, March 29, 2017

the wall

bbb got his very first set of lego from kai ma for his birthday
of course he has no clue about what birthday is, what this box of lego is about...

but little bb has been eyeing it for days....
almost everyday,
he would ask if baby brother (of course himself) could open it

a couple of times,
he called me and asked

i kept asking him to wait....
after many days....
(and his reaction: another day again?)
i finally let him open it for baby brother...

obviously he was more excited than bbb

very quickly we put out the playmat
when i thought he would be showing bbb how to put the pieces together,
he took out his own box of lego and said he wanted to work on his own set!

before i knew it,
he put up this wall...
i thought he didn't want baby brother baby to mess up his stuff,
he explained to me that he was afraid that baby brother would put the smaller pieces into his mouth...

well, that's true...
and thanks for being thoughtful
(though mami would prefer you play with baby brother's set so that mami could take a break

putting almost every piece he could lay his hands on into his mouth

and so one on side,
we have the big blocks and a little person

and the other side,
we have the little blocks and a bigger person

mami was busying with showing baby brother how to put the pieces together
while taking the pieces away from his mouth (he wanted to eat them all)
admiring these little toes *yum yum*

on the other side,
big brother was accompanied by brownie and sugar

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