Wednesday, March 15, 2017

the hidden message for mami


it's been awhile since little bb wrote me little notes

tonight, came home after a long day at work
he came running to greet me 
and said he has something for me but i needed to find it he said

and he said i could have up to 10 chances to ask for tips

he first told me it's in my room so i went looking for it
but i didn't find anything

he said it's in the living room 
when i walked over to the sofa 
he said i was getting close to it
but i didn't find anything

he quickly said it's on the other side of the room
as i walked over to the blackboard
again, he said i was getting close
but again, i didn't find anything

i continued to walk to the front door 
and he cheered and said yes yes yes
as you can guess,
i didn't find anything again

after several similar rounds,
i finally found it

it was pieces of paper crumbled together... 

and this is the secret message from him to me 😍 

p.s. His tips were really crappy.. making me going over all the corners in the house


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