Monday, March 20, 2017

story telling

ever since my business trip
little bb has been especially sticky
i mean really really sticky

when i come home every night
he wants me to accompany him to brush his teeth, go wee wee, change into his pyjamas...
he won't move if i don't go with him

and that's not all

after bedtime story reading,
every single night, 
he asks the same question
"mami, can you please come up and sleep next to me when baby brother falls asleep"
most of the time, my answer is yes
*except when the nights i am really hungry.....
and yes, because of all this, we don't get to eat dinner until after 8:30pm*

and that's not all

he wants me to either hold his hand or wrap my arm around him when i sleep next to him

and that's not all

he wants me to make up stories for him
i need to keep telling these make up stories until he falls asleep

in these stories,
he wants me to always include:
~ chocolate
~ candies
~ baby brother

sometimes he wants me to include:
~ brownie and sugar
~ daddy and mommy

some nights are easier for me
some nights are a bit too much (i.e. i am tired after a long day in the office, i am hungry)
but i always tell him stories

for i know before i know it,
he will grow out of this phase
he won't need my company 
he won't need to hold my hand

so i tell myself i need to cherish these little moments
these little sweet moments

and of course,
i am very happy that little brother has a special place in his heart
he always wants little brother to be in these stories
for sure, little brother is as important as chocolate and candy *laugh*
more so than daddy and mommy!

and these stories have now become chapter-stories

we are now in chapter 8.....

and oh yes,
he remembers where i stopped the night before
and the chapter number....

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