Saturday, March 25, 2017

open day @ school

this will be the last open day at this campus
the kids will be moving to the new campus in the new school year

this campus is old
but it reminds somotu and me of our school lives back then....
the old-fashioned layout, washrooms, the hallway, the stairs

the new campus will be modern and advanced
a different feel
but we will definitely miss this "old feeling" the current campus gives us

yes the campus is small and old
but the kids love school life
and it has all the necessary facilities to provide a suitable environment for the kids

the library is small but it has reinforced their love of reading

pictured here, though, is not about reading books...
the kids were doing a pokemon hunt *laugh*

and over here, doing hockey....

thank you for providing a space and great atmosphere for the kids ...
we will miss you mr campus!

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