Saturday, March 4, 2017

my night out

last year
my friend and i couldn't go to sandy lam's concert 
i was still in the hospital (after giving birth to bbb)
and my friend needed to stay home for her kids that night

this year
her world tour has a stop at macau

after rounds of (motherhood) struggle
we decided we deserve a night out

it was with a lot of expectation we went to the concert
and ended up with a bit of disappointment

the disappointment is with the venue and the audience

for the amount they are charging, i would expect the sound effect to be better
as for the audience, we have a strong suspicion that their tix were free,
maybe for spending a lumpsum at the casino...  they have no respect for themselves,
for the people around them or for the performer...
they kept talking to each other loudly, talking on the phone, playing with the phone,
getting up to go out and come back for numerous times throughout the concert....
and i got hit by those inflatable sticks a few times *laugh*

and so we have decided
we will not waste our precious time to go to any other concerts held at the same venue again

i am sure we would have enjoyed the one held in hong kong
as the audience would be of higher quality 

so for those who plan to go to any concert held in macau,
i strongly suggest you think twice
or at least be 100% certain that you be surrounded by "quality" audience!

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