Tuesday, March 21, 2017

his recent favorites

 ♥  doing the piggy mouth

 ♥  pointing his fingers as if he is demanding us to do things for him, e.g. pick up the toy for him, pick him up from his highchair, get him his book, etc

 ♥  arching back to look at whoever's holding him as if he wants to make sure he is in good and familiar hands

 ♥  his swings his little body side to side when he hears music

 ♥  his puts whatever he lays his eyes upon into his mouth, e.g. my faux leather culottes, our slippers, brownie and sugar *laugh*, paper, books, pencil, his shoes, big brother's pokemon cards, etc

 ♥  picking things up and dropping them onto the floor purposely, he especially likes the tissue box and hand cream next to my side of our bed......  he can keep picking up and dropping them forever!

 ♥  sucking his index and middle finger of his left hand together as he is enjoying a cigar

 ♥  grunts like a pig when he is not happy with us, e.g. if we remove his fingers from his mouth, if we stop him from picking up / dropping things

 ♥  scratching somotu's arm with his baby nails and hearing somotu calling (pretending) for help and making the painful sound "hssss hsss hsss"

 ♥  laughing instantly after big brother's laugh.... both boys can keep laughing back and forth until our heads explode!

 ♥  when i pick him up, hold him up and turn around together until i am dizzy

 ♥  being picked up and held horizontally on our side and run back and forth around the house, pretending to be superman on duty, flying around...  he would laugh hysterically

 ♥  turning the pages by himself as if he is really reading the books

 ♥  his favorite books:  goodnight moon, little children's music book...  not only does he enjoy having us read to him, pressing the sound buttons, but also eating the book!  *laugh* 

 ♥  going out....  he cries like crazy when he sees us leaving for work in the morning, going out without him on the weekends (which is quite rare as we try to take him with us as much as possible on the weekends)...  even if it means we pretend to be taking him out with us on the weekdays by carrying him and walking him to the lift lobby... he will have this big grin... and of course, he gets really angry when we hand him back to the nannies after the quick turn in the lift lobby *laugh*

 ♥  his BIG BROTHER - isn't this the best?

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