Friday, March 24, 2017

his first visit to disneyland

on his birthday,
he made his first visit to disneyland

everything was new to him...
@ water-not-in-the-bath-tub but flying in the air (aka the fountain near the entrance)
non-human looking human size furry creatures walking around (aka mickey and minnie)
things and human beings flying up and down in the air (aka the rides... dumbo, etc)
things and human beings turning round and round, human beings screaming and laughing out loud (aka mad tea cup ride)
@ smaller size human beings dressed in the same blue outfits dashing here and there (aka elsa - the princess)
@ all human beings standing and facing one direction in the dark, some holding their arms up.... while something bright and loud kept cracking in the middle of the sky...   (aka the fireworks)

for mami,
that something new was these trees...  i don't know what they are
but the pinkish leaves or flowers? are very pretty indeed
and especially pretty together with the it's a small world castle

amazed by the fireworks!

meanwhile, big brother successfully got me into getting him the forbidden (aka cotton candy)

and yes,
one of his recent favorites...
telling us things by pointing his little finger

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