Saturday, March 18, 2017

happy 1 year old!

we had an early little birthday gathering for bbb tonight
just a few close friends

actually somotu wasn't too keen on having one 
in fact he never really likes the idea of birthday parties for kids
he thinks it's too "extravagant"
kids will be spoiled

i understand where he is coming from
but nonetheless i wanted to have a "small" one for bbb
#1 :  big brother did have one when he turned one (and actually one each year)
#2 :  it gives me the perfect reason to get myself busy with making this and that, arranging this and that for the party...  i really love planning, decorating, making things....

the theme is the same as bbb's 100 days gathering, i.e. stars

i brought all the stars and fans i folded in the past weeks to the function room
only to find out that
when i thought i had made a lot (it certainly feels that way)
it actually wasn't enough.....

anyway, as i mentioned before, 
i didn't really concretely know what i was going to do with them
so i just put up whatever i have near the tables where savory and sweet food were served

and look at this stunning star studded birthday cake made by kai ma joanna!
it's absolutely beyond beautiful (and it was very delicious too!)
thank you so much kai ma!

and how could i party go without having balloons
i love balloons
the night before, i was pumping big and small balloons non-stop like an
assembly line in the factory... *laugh*
then, making them stand with the help of little cupcake holders....

....  and the marshmallow pops we made together early this morning...

bbb had his first every solo ride!

everyone having fun with the ball pool when it was supposed to be for bbb
bbb was enjoying his ride in the hummer jeep which was supposed to be for the big boys

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