Thursday, March 16, 2017


after the annual read-a-thon

it was SED

Spiritual Emphasis Days

it spanned across three days once each year at school

this year's theme was 

what is it about?
it's about 
Created by GOD 
Built for a Purpose

each person is created differently
each person has a different purpose here

today after school,
little bb started sharing his day 

his little words:

"Jesus is the most important person"


"mami, i learned a new word today"
you know what does mean?
"it means complicated"
me thinking:  complicated is a more difficult word than complex!
do you know how to use it?
"yes, i can use it instead using difficult!"

and he went on
while i was wondering what the word has to do with the theme....

"you know mommy, you are made by God"
"and it is very complex"
what do you mean?
"because the body is made of many many cells"
"its very complicated"
oh i see!

and Psalm 139:14
"Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!"

ahhhh now i know why the word "complex"

little bb also brought home a little box filled with little things:
a wind-up car,
a stuffed teddy bear,
a bee,
a perplexinator (it's gone missing in the house *laugh*)

and the lesson behind each of these little items:

~ the windup-car....  you need to wind it up to let it go but it stops.  
but not God's love.  God's love for you will never stop or run out.

~ the stuffed teddy bear... God filled you with special interests, talents and abilities... each one of us is different for a purpose

~ the bee...  each one of us brings different things to the world.   there is a reason God created us for.

~ the perplexinator.... sometimes it's hard to see how the pieces fit together...  just like life sometimes.  it's hard to see how the events in our lives fit together.  but that's ok as God has a plan for our lives...

"For I know the plans I have for your, says the Lord" 

i am amazed with how they thought of using these toys to appeal to the kids and help them understand more concretely the message from God.

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