Sunday, March 5, 2017

bear hospital 2017

we love going to this annual event hosted by playright
this year, we are extremely excited to have a new member to join us


on one side, we have the big boys entertaining themselves

i have forgotten about bringing along a stuffed toy for health check...
luckily when we were about to leave home,
little bb remembered...

this year, his new love is .....  pikachu!

in the previous years, his love was
this in 2014
this in 2015

on the other side, we have our first timer exploring and having fun

and yes, he can stand by leaning over the box!

and checking the heartbeat of the teddies with a stethoscope

and here,
big brother is helping and showing little brother how blood is pumped in and out of the heart....

there was actually no parking space left
so somotu couldn't join us
i took the two boys with me and one stroller...

bbb was very sticky
and wouldn't stay in the stroller

i ended up having have to carry him the whole 2 hours

little bb wanted me to join him play, running, bouncing
and i did while carrying bbb

to confess,
i was beyond tired...
my arms and shoulders felt as if they were broken!

but seeing both little bb and bbb (he laughed so happily when i held him to kick the ball back and forth to little bb) so happy 
i told myself i could do it.

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